Points To Remember

The home is a place where a child gets his first education and training. In order to secure all that is best in the education of your ward maximum cooperation between you and the school is must. We seek your utmost cooperation and close contact with the teachers. For this we desire that you note the following and act accordingly. The children must come to school in proper school uniform, shoes properly polished, hair well combed and patkas tied properly. Uniform should be washed and ironed properly. Shoes preferably should be without laces.

  • Please deposit spare set of clothes to the school.
  • Students should be wear their I-Card to school every day.
  • Students must reach the school in time at 8:15 am. Late comers will not be permitted to to attend the classes.
  • Students will not be allowed to leave the school during the middle of the day. Parents are requested to discourage this practice.
  • Any change of address or contact number should intimated to the class teachers and i-guardian facilitator.
  • Everything that you send with your child e.g. water bottle, Tiffin box, school bag, skates and napkins must be labeled with their name tags.
  • Notebook should be properly covered with their respective coloured covers. Covers should never be torn and no scribing should permitted in the books. Books should be covered with plastic cover only.
  • Home work should be done as per the given instructions. Encourage children to do the home work themselves.
  • Please check the School Almanac everyday for Teacher’s note.
  • School bag should be clean with zip in order.
  • Please send lunch according to the given menu for the month. Please don’t send chips or corn puffs etc. to school everyday.
  • It is mandatory for each student to have minimum 80% attendance for the academic year to get promoted to the next class Absence from the school should brought to notice of the Class Teacher at the earliest.
  • Parent Teacher Meeting should be attended regularly. Co-ordination with class teacher is must. Involvement of parents is always appreciated.
  • Please do not send any valuables with the child. No watches, chains, bangles, nose-pins etc are allowed in the school.
  • Birthdays are celebrated in the school in the school assembly. You are requested to send only sweets for the students. Gift for students and teachers are not welcome in the school.