GNPS, Punjabi Bagh was established under the ‘Right to Freedom of Religion” (Articles 25-28) which allows various minorities to establish Educational Institutions for the spread of their own religion. Hence an important pillar of the education followed here is to encourage the strengthening of values and ethos of Sikhism. At the same time every effort is made to spread awareness about the basics of all other religions too. Divinity is an important subject being taught in the school from class I to VIII. Some of the Divinity based programmes organized in the school –

  • ANNUAL INTER SCHOOL GURBANI RECITATION PROGRAM provides a forum for the children of a large number of schools to sing Raga based Gurbani and incorporate GURU NANAK DEV JI’S teachings and principles in their lives.
  • Celebration of GURU NANAK DEV JI’S PRAKASH PARV with devotion and enthusiasm. Children are encouraged to participate in the programme and winners of Divinity are felicitated on the occasion.
  • In the Morning Assembly gurbani is recited in rotation by students of different classes. Ardaas too is rendered by the students.
  • Our students participate in a number of INTER SCOOL GURBANI RECITATION COMPETITIONS and win medals and awards.
  • A prominent place is given to the ARDAAS RENDITION in the INTER HOUSE COMPETITIONS.
  • TURBAN TYING COMPETITION takes place in the school and our students are encouraged to participate in this competition held in other organizations also.
  • On the occasion of IMPORTANT DAYS associated with SIKH HISTORY significant information is disseminated among students.