Chemistry Lab

Chemistry Lab at GNPS is a center for innovative and pioneering research to inculcate scientific aptitude and to develop interest in the students. The well-ventilated and airy lab follows all safety norms. The lab in our school is equipped with all modern apparatus including the electronic weighing machine, water bath and oven and all the chemicals and all the chemicals required for performing the practicals as well as the project work up to class XII. A weighing room for volumetric Analysis and a store for storage of chemicals are the integral part of the lab. At a time 25 students can perform the practical. All the common reagents are arranged on the racks for the accessibility of each student and for other reagents and requirements they are assisted by a well experienced Lab assistant. The main aim of practicals is to focus on psychomotoic development i.e. (preforming, observing & recording the results) thus is a part of the overall development of the child.

“ We hear and We forget We see and We Believe We do and We Understand.”