As the world continues to change ,our job is to prepare our students for a life that we cannot imagine. That is our commitment to the children in our care and we all look ahead with great anticipation and commitment to find even better ways of extending learning opportunities for each child at GNPS. I look at the school and marvel how far it has come since its inception at the beginning of this millennium , and it’s bright plans for the future. GNPS is an aspirational school which , driven by teachers , pupils and parents , strives to be better everyday. It has been my pleasure and pride to grow with the school over the years and enjoy the endeavours and achievements of our pupils . At its heart , we are a family and our strength comes from the close and positive relationships between our teachers and students .

Relationships that are built on mutual respect and trust . It is heartening to see the confidence of our students during presentations , competitions , sports days and residential trips . We understand that character and personality , bonds of trust and friendship are formed and tested in the course of aforesaid events. My advice to all the students , who become a part of our family at GNPS, is to make the most of the opportunities that will no doubt come their way , now and in the future :


Be brave , but not fool hardy , Be decisive , but open to change , Be tolerant , but not submissive, And , most important of all , Be Yourself.
Kuldeep Singh Lyallpuri
General Manager