Our School

The school, this place is different It is an institution that Lives and breathes within this neighborhood It is a place where your child begins his momentous educational journey It is a place where he/she learns the real values of life It is where you can pause, reflect, and ponder after years what your child learnt. For we do make an attempt to be different from others.

We have a small pure soul We are not in a hurry to teach and are unhurried in our speech & actions We believe in dealing and interacting with parents. We welcome parents as members of your extended family Remember we have all the time for you So you can take your time and come And discuss problems faced by your wards.

The school is a friendly place and we are not too fond of silence. We like to hear the chatter of children and the presence of the parents. Because you all remind us of Home So converse and interact with us freely And tell us about your problems and difficulties. Of dreams, goals and desires of your dear children. Allow us to share and participate in your thought process We Love to talk to you, to find out what you feel about us and the school.