House System

To inculcate competitive spirit among the students the school has house system named after the four Sahibzadas – the brave and fearless children of Guru Gobind Singh Ji – Ajit House (Red), Fateh House (Blue), Jujhar House (Yellow) and Zorawar House (Green). Students are supposed to wear house vests on Tuesdays and Saturdays of their respective colors.

Interhouse competitions are held based on cultural, social, sports and environmental issues. Students actively participate in these competitions under the guidance of house tutors and wardens. The competitions are evaluated based on various parameters by a team of judges. After the competition students are addressed by the Principal and the headmistress with words of encouragement. Results are announced and winners are awarded amidst great applause. The system provides healthy and enriching competition imparting knowledge, team spirit and entertainment.

Education beyond the boundaries of classrooms.
  • A place where intellectual capabilities are valued.
  • In the form of Inter-house competitions love for learning and self-confidence is nurtured.