About Us

“Little Children, Sweet and Lovely, Buds from Heaven send to earth! Let us love them, teach them, guide them, Fill their lives with joy and mirth…”

Lets us love, teach and guide them- an Endeavour which we bear in our mind and soul each day of imparting knowledge, come to realize that the minds of these little children is like fertile soil which is fresh with exuberance and innocence and which, if persistently nurtured with affection, patience and kindness like manure, will bear a healthy and nourishing crop for our society in the future. Our aim is not to make them the best amongst all, our aim is simple. We encourage our little ones to think positively and focus on inculcating a reasoning ability amongst them, which will lay the foundation of excellence for their future. This ephemeral period spent with us at the Nursery Wing of GNPS acts as a catalyst in the lives of our toddlers in shaping their characters and core strengths.

For the all- round development of our young learners, we plan ‘Activity-based learning’. Activities, both curricular and co-curricular, are planned in such a way so as it enhances the learning and makes learning a joyful experience for a learner. Theme based PROJECTS with maximum participation by the learners are planned to draw out shy children from their shells and make them confident and extrovert. Related activities add on the fun-quotient making a teaching-learning process delectable for each learner. To hunt for the gifted learners, we arrange for ‘Talent Hunt’ Competitions for all Kinder-Garden students. Many different competitions like-Calligraphy, coloring, English and Hindi Story Narration, English and Hindi Rhymes Recitation, Show and Tell Competitions-helps the students to learn, to improvise, to excel and to become confident and perform, like a winner. Each child is a winner in his own unique manner, with his own individual efforts and with his own twinkle in the eyes after appreciation from all.

An everyday challenge for our hardworking and dedicated faculty and staff is to infuse creativity in the process of imparting education and knowledge to our little ones, which helps us in sustaining their attention and enables us to keep them focused on the schedule. In their pursuit, I would like to applaud the relentless efforts of our teachers for giving their best in bringing out the best in each child. At the same time, I would also like to render appreciation to our parent fraternity for believing in us and deeming us reliable with their child’s initial years in the field of education, by giving sufficient liberty to enable us to approach and trackle each child with absolute bona fide and in our rightful way.

Mrs. H.K. Anand
Nursery Incharge