• At G.N.P.S., we aim to meet society’s needs for tomorrow. It is our constant and unfailing Endeavour to tap the intellectual and creative potential of our children.
  • Education is imparted through the latest techniques and methodology especially in the field of information technology practiced by our well qualified and motivated teaching staff. We encourage our children to be responsible, courteous and respectful with a pleasant disposition so that they emerge as good, well disciplined global citizens. We want our children to take pride in our cultural heritage and traditions.


  • Our student always be his/her DIGNITY as children of God.
  • He/She must believe in the Omni presence of God and PRAY daily.
  • He/She must TRUST IN GOD, GOD helps those who help themselves.
  • He/She must WORK HARD to be of genuine service to others.
  • He/She must be characterized by CHARITY in thought, words and deeds
  • He/She must SPEAK truly, deal truly and live truly.
  • He/She must RESPECT all elders, parents, teachers and other staff.
  • He/She must be REPONSIBLE faithful to duty and Trustworty.
  • He/She must be HUMBLE docile and strong in character.
  • He/She must have high ideals and strive for EXCELLENCE AND COMPETENCE.
  • He/She must live up to the motto: KNOWLEDGE, SERVICE, and LOYALTY.
  • Every student must ne habitually clean and must be neatly dressed; hair must be groomed well. The school uniform must be worn on all days and at all school functions. If a student it not in proper uniform he/she will be sent home and the responsibility will lie with the parents. The students must not drop pieces of paper around the school premises and must not leave their books, pencils and other belongings unattended.
  • All home work shall be done neatly and without fail and it should be dated invariable
  • At all times and in all places, every student is expected to observe the rules of good manners, inside and outside the school. Shouting, Whistling throwing anything at others and other irresponsible conduct is strictly prohibited. No student shall scratch or spoil the desks and chairs and damage any school property scribbling or drawing on the walls damaging things belonging to other student is strictly prohibited. Valuable articles like expensive watches, costly fountain pens Jewellery etc. Are not to be brought to the school. If they are lost the school does not hold itself responsible. No books, periodicals, pictures or newspaper except those allowed by the school should be brought into the school, nor circulated without the permission of the principal. Inside or outside the school, the student should not do anything that brings a bad name to the school. In case of insubordination to the school authorities, or gross misconduct, the school has right to expel the students concerned.