As per Fee Circular being issued separately

  • All Fees payable at Yes Bank, Punjabi Bagh.
  • Fee is payable in cash or by cheque, Out Station cheques are not accepted.
  • Fee is to be deposited in advance by the 10 th of the month Cheque must be issued in favour of:
    • G.N.P.S., Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi Saving bank A/C No.252.
    • Name of the student, class + Section and Admission number must be Clearly written on the reverse side of the cheque.
    • No deletion or alteration for amount is permitted in Fee Bill.


ANNUAL CHARGES 5000 (Once a year)
EXAMINATION FEE 1000 (One time Charge)
SECURITY FEE 1000 (At the time of admission)
ADMISSION FEE 200 (At the time of admission)
Class 1st - 5th Tuition Fee 3500 (Monthly Charge)
Class 6th - 8th Tuition Fee 3600 (Monthly Charge)
Class 9th & 10th Tuition Fee 3800 (Monthly Charge)
Class 11th Tuition Fee 4200 (Monthly Charge)
DEVELOPMENT FEE Class 1st - 8th 400 (Monthly Charge)
DEVELOPMENT FEE Class 9th - 10th 430 (Monthly Charge)
DEVELOPMENT FEE Class 11th - 12th 460 (Monthly Charge)
ACTIVITY FEE 300 (Monthly Charge)
EDU Smart Management System 330 (Monthly Charge)
For Class 11th Additional Subject (Each Practical subject) – 330 (Monthly Charge)
All students will be charged fee for the whole academic year (12 months) April 2022- March 2023.
  • Computerized school fee bills for April to May for all classes will be issued int he last week of March
  • Parents are advised to keep the fee receipts in their safe custody and produce for verification if required.
  • The school office and bank will remain open during school breaks and vacations. Fee can be deposited during the period of vacations.