Examinations & Promotion

Note: The promotion policy has been modified. Reviewed in the Academic year 2014-15 in accordance with Comprehensive Continuous Evaluation system of CBSE.

  • We are following CCE system of evaluation. Performance will be adjudged on the basis of a Two-tier System of Examination. The weightage as under will be given to those examinations.
  • Class I to X
  • (i) Formative Assessment-1 and II/Formative Assessment-2 10% each
    (ii) Summative Assessment 1 30%
    (iii) Formative Assessment-3/Formative Assessment-4 Unit-4 10% each
    (iv) Summative Assessment 2 30%
  • Subject wise total converted into as per CBSE guidelines.
  • 9 point grading for class VI-VIII.
  • 9 point CBSE scale for class IX and X.
  • In case a student joins after 31 st Dec. Only the result to final examination will be considered for promotion. For class IX, admission will possible only after the submission of the CCE Card from the previous school.
  • Class I to V: No student will be detained in these classes.
  • Periodic Progress Report cards after examination are given to the parents to keep them informed of the progress of the ward. Parents are requested to attend all PTA Meetings.


It is mandatory for a student the qualifying Grade ‘D’ in every subject (S) in which he/she has taken the improvement exam, disregarding the terminal test marks in order to be declared successful in the improvement exam to be promoted to the next higher class.


  • Vi-VII A total of maximum 20 grace marks can be given in any THREE subject.
  • Class XI total of 10 grace marks in any two subject with a condition of maximum 5 marks in one subject

Promotion PolicyFor Primary Wing

  • Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation policy as per CBSE rules is being implemented at the primary wing under which the children ‘evaluated in academics including assignments / project work and personality development throughout the year. A comprehensive achievement report is given to the parents at calendared PTA meetings.
  • The profile of the students is being reflected in CBSE prescribed format instead of marks.
  • FA-1, FA-2, FA-3, FA-4 will be mandatory.
  • It is mandatory for students to appear in both Summative Assessment-I &Summative Assessment-II