At Guru Nanak Public School, Punjabi Bagh, we introduced the Award hoping to engage our students in meaningful activities which would help them channelize their energies in a creative manner and there has been no looking back, with more and more students jumping on the bandwagon.

The programme IAYP provided a powerful platform to the students of GNPS to mould themselves into the value oriented individuals through voluntary involvement in plethora of social, creative, adventurous and sports based activities thus paving a way for their holistic development. On their journey to self discovery, the student members of the schools’ IAYP team were motivated to embark on a variety of challenging and socially useful activities like service to the old age people in an old age home community service, visit to the traffic training park &trade fair, under Road Safety teaching the under privileged children, volunteer with an NGO, etc.

Under the skill section, the creative pursuits- Dance, Drama & music resulted in very enthusiastic performers trying to outperform each other. Cooking and gardening too found found a place with the boys donning the aprons, when they wouldn’t touch a culinary tool at home.

In the area of Physical Recreation – cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Athletics, Handball, etc. saw energetic participation. A majority of the students have become fit by taking up yoga and gym as their physical recreation for minimum period of 3 months. The Adventure Journey to ‘Camp Wild’ Dhauj at Aravalli Valley played a vital role in inearthing the skills of the students and taught them the valuable lessons about self-reliance , preservance, sharing, joys of simple living and a lot more in the laps nature.

The Award philosophy has helped the students develop new skills and cultivate a new mind-set. The leisure time of the students has been used and their energy has been channelized constructively, giving our students a sense of worthiness and raising their self-esteem. Above all, the exposure they got is truly and undeniably the best to know themselves better.