Student WorkShop 2019-20

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12 Dec 2019
Bullying and Cyber bullying
Students of class 7th had a workshop on (12/12/19) on the topic-Bullying and Cyber bullying. The psychologist, Ms. Simran Bagga made them aware about the negative impacts of bullying. The emphasis was laid on the role of the bystanders and how to deal with the trauma.The workshop also showcased tips on cybersafety and how to use internet responsibly. It was followed by an interactive session wherein students shared their views and asked questions. Their queries were adequately addressed.

11 Sep 2019
Workshop on good handwriting & stress free exams
A workshop on importance of Good Handwriting was organized for the students of classes 4th to 9th on 11th September 2019. The informative session was conducted by Cello Pens. Emphasis was laid on cursive writing, uniform spacing between the words, holding of pens/pencils properly in between the thumb and the index finger, proper letter formation etc. They also emphasized on proper (straight) body posture and yoga for hands was suggested to increase flexibility. Students were also given valuable tips on how to make exams stress free.

06 Sep 2019
Principles of Management
A Seminar on 'Principles of Management' was organized for the students of commerce stream classes 11th & 12th.The objective of the Seminar was to enable students as to how to practically use the theoretical concepts and Principles of Management.through PPT the students were provided exposure about the intricacies of the working of a factory& how the Principles of Management are used in business. the Seminar was conducted by Mr Kamal Kishore Bansal followed by a motivational session by Mr Naresh Kumar Bansal. The Program concluded with Principal Mrs Reema Punj addressing students’ concerns about career choice and the need to be goal oriented.

18 Jul 2019
Workshop on 'Bullying and Self Esteem'
A workshop on - BULLYING AND SELF ESTEEM was organized for the students of class VIII by Ms. Simran Bagga from Litchi Organization. Through slides and videos, she made them understand about their right to be safe and that they should always stand against bullying. She also emphasized on the value of self esteem and the ways of building it. After the workshop the children interacted with her personally for their individual concerns.

24 May 2019
Excessive use of technology exposes us to some high-end risks in this world of cyber crime. Hence it becomes mandatory to protect oneself from becoming a victim.MsPrabhkiran conducted a workshop for students of class XI on the topic 'Cyber Security' and briefed them on some parameters as to how one can tell a fake website from an original one,and how to protect all data, account and websites from being hacked.

25 Apr 2019
Ms. Simran Bagga, a clinical psychologist, took the psychology session on the topic ‘Study Skills and Career Counselling’ for class 10th students on 25th April 2019.She advised the children to study effectively by organizing themselves with proper time management strategies. She also guided them how to explore a right career so that they can optimize their potentials properly. The children had a chance to interact with her personally after the session.

11 Apr 2019
A counselling workshop was organized on handling screen media and time management for the students of class XII. Our counselor from Litchi, Ms Simran Bagga discussed several issues related to screen addiction , media and how to manage time with special focus on board exams and provided some meaningful tips to students. One to one interaction was open for students throughout the day and many children benefited from it.